Relaxed “bigotito” cyclist train traveller 👨🏻 🚅

He looks like a lad, but don’t let him fool you!

My name is Francisco Torres and I am just another person in this world.

Born in the beautiful city of Granada, Spain, I grew up thanks to the support of my family, friends and the Spanish society to which we proudly contribute with our taxes!

Oh, sorry, too soon for that.

Already approaching middle age.


The first part I don’t remember very well honestly, but I know that childhood and adolescence have their upsides and downsides.

Overall I give it a 3.8 on Tripadvisor.

Thanks to the support of my family, friends and Spanish society, I can consider myself privileged considering that I come from a modest economic background. This supportive circle has been fundamental in providing me with great opportunities, from career guidance to experiences that have broadened my understanding of the world.


In essence, I find pleasure in humor, diversity, kitsch and camp, enjoying the richness it offer us.

My personality is defined by a combination of serenity and fun, with a reserved and introverted character, but with a strong faith in the value of society and human relationships for the common good.

I consider myself a pessimistic optimist: although I tend to imagine the worst-case scenarios, I maintain an optimistic attitude towards finding solutions to problems.

Glad to learn from others, totally open to being disagreed as long as there is a motivation (and possibly I’ll help you build that motivation).

According to personality tests, I should identify as INTJ, although I don’t think everything checks, I think there are reasonable matches.


I have traveled to many places, especially around Europe, I like to know the reality of the places I visit.

I have spent long periods of time living in Berlin, Germany. I consider it my second city and I love being there (especially in summer).

I am currently living in Granada, Spain. In a house that I have renovated and domotized, where my workspace is also located.



My usual routes are through different dirt roads around Granada, mountain and flat, usually about 13 to 20Km, with an approximate duration of 1 hour – 1.5 hours.

Although I have had somewhat more special routes:

And also some activism:

  • Attendee at the “Universidad Popular de la Bicicleta” conference. Montcada i Reixat, Barcelona. 2013.
  • Participation in the event critical mass bike ride of Barcelona, 2012.
  • Participation in the elaboration of the Andalusian bicycle plan.
  • Attendee to different cycling marches in Granada, organized by different organizations.

I currently ride a 29″ Conor AFX 8500 (2016) with luggage rack with two ortlieb waterproof saddlebags.


After the pandemic I wanted to evolve in a new sport and I opted for swimming.

I started a course in which I learned the basics of all swimming techniques and a few months later I moved on to a course in which I practice swimming with other classmates several times a week.

My current personal best is 50 meter crol (in a 25 meter pool) in 50 seconds.

Photography by Nilo Vélez.

Special capabilities

While I don’t know why, I apparently orient myself quite well. Although I have a terrible memory for other things, I have a great ability to memorize maps and sites by visual memory.

I also have a perception of time very close to real time, I can synchronize very well with devices and processes that make use of fixed times or known times with a small range of variability.

Special abilities in the use of time and space? Wouldn’t I be…?

Francisco Torres in an AI-generated image appearing to be "the Doctor" from the series "Doctor Who".
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