What’s up people!

My name is Francisco Torres.

I’m a person with a #bigotito, I like cycling, swimming and blowing up board game parties.

My background is in computer engineering and audiovisual communication.

I currently work as a consultant-developer specialized in WordPress and I am an active part of the WordPress community.

Photo by Nilo Velez
Photo by Nilo Velez


I am a specimen of Homo Sapiens born in ’87 and already approaching middle age.

I have done things that have taken me to places, there have been many people who have helped and supported me, thanks to all of them.

So here we are.

Photo by Fede Padilla

Consultant and developer

I studied IT engineering and had contact with several events and groups related to technology, web and communication.

I worked on a few sites and developed my knowledge around “The WordPress” after which I founded GIGA4, offering technical solutions to other companies.


I also became interested in the world of communication and worked as a journalist and audiovisual technician for several projects.

I regularly participate in debates, give talks, make videos and, in short, communicate things.

Photo by Weiko

The WordPress

I got to meet the community back in 2012 thanks to other events related to technology.

Since then I have been involved in: translating, training, and organizing several Meetups and WordCamps, especially around the Granada community.

I’m currently a member and rep of the plugins team at WordPress.org thanks to Siteground’s sponsorship through the “Five for the future” program.

Video by Sam Godall.


A cyclist at heart, I have used it regularly for commuting and sports. It is my only mean of private transportation.

I have done the “Camino de Santiago” by bike and interesting routes such as crossing the island of Tenerife from north to south.

Currently focused in swimming.

Photo by Daniel F.


I am not an example of fighting for rights, but those who are really at the forefront of that cause have my full support.

If you have trouble respecting other people’s love, honey, you have a very big problem, and it’s probably with yourself.

With Ohia

Kinda weird

At this point, I assume you’ve already realized that I’m not that “normal”.

The good thing is that I’m not often dangerous.

If you know me and think my behavior is strange, it’s probably my doing, apologies in advance.

What I do nowadays

I work at GIGA4 where, in addition to the consulting and development we offer, I am in charge of the administration of the company, the development of tools and processes to improve our work and customer service.

I volunteer at the WordPress.org foundation thanks to the sponsorship of Siteground through the “Five for the future” program.
Here I develop my duty as member and rep of the plugins team, maintaining the official WordPress.org plugin repository, managing the team, training new members and developing internal tools that have helped reduce the plugin review time by 2 to 3 times compared to classic tools.

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