2020 visual summary

My year started in the middle of a renovation, which I expected to finish in March-April to move in for good in May.


The coldest month arrived, during this month I worked in the reform but less than ussual. I made collection and preparation of materials for the final streak of the reform, as well as selection of furniture and appliances.


The month is highlighted by renovation work in the bathroom and kitchen.

But it is also marked by the great trip with a “tense” normality we made to be at WordCamp Valladolid 2020.

With Arkangel, Dani and Guille


The work of one of the contractors is finished, and I continue with aesthetic details.

Until that-you-know-what happens.

And we started talking about it online, on March 13 I put up these posters on the building entrance.

This reached the local media and I was even interviewed by Univision.

About this there is a detail that I did not tell, because I think it was not necessary at that time: I put up the posters before the state of alarm, at that time I understand that there could be people who were not aware of what was happening, the first night they removed the posters. I waited a couple of days, put them back in (we were already in a state of alarm) and then they lasted.

And the era of rediscovery begins.

And it happened what I think is the best tweet of the year


My house is literally falling down on me. As I close the bathroom door, I hear a clunk and am forced to remove the bathroom tiles in a controlled manner. I need to move soon as possible.



And WordCamp Spain.


I continue where I left off

And, as the last three contractors finish work, the final phase begins.


At the beginning of the month, everything simply stops looking like a shattered environment. At the end of the month, nothing seems what it was.

At the end of the month it looks like a home


With this fast progress, and fear of further confinement that would leave me trapped again, I decide to move on August 1, 2020. Even though I don’t have a kitchen or furniture yet.

A mattress, a chair, a table. I begin living and working. From the new home.
In the kitchen there was only a refrigerator, microwave, a table, a couple of utensils.

And still moving forward

Dedicating finally after many months of work and waiting, a little time for leisure and enjoyment.


You know those boxes you have at your parents’ house and they’re just sitting there ad-eternum? My parents took this opportunity to stop having them.

On the other hand, the show is starting to take shape and it is ready for WordCamp Colombia.

During the month, more furniture arrives, filling their places.


The month starts with a visit to nature

Ends badly

The dining room table arrives, and we inagurate it with a board game.


With the arrival of the new confinement (in practice) we pay reverence to Saint Ferdinand Simon (the person responsible for reporting the pandemic in Spain), who welcomes our masks at the entrance of the house.

I’m back to being active in WordPress community events.

I am the new president of the homeowners’ association and I bring the accounts up to date since 2016.


The office already has its logo and Christmas tree (it goes wrong)!

We close the year with WordCamp Seville, with speakers dinner and plugins table.

PS: I told you it went wrong



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