My involvement in the plugins team

My role within the plugins team has been evolving and varying, the truth is that from the beginning it has been a tough challenge and with many new experiences to deal with, but also really nice and of which I feel personally proud and grateful for having received this opportunity.

My main function, as well as that of my colleagues, is to maintain the official plugin repository: We receive and review new plugin submissions as well as plugins closed for security or other reasons.

In my first half year through 2023 I have reviewed 32% of the plugins that have been submitted to the repository (915 plugins, which on average typically require approximately about 3000 reviews in total) and have sent a total of 3764 email responses.

When we review plugins our goal is to inform plugin authors about: possible security issues, possible performance issues, best practices, plugin repository guidelines and possible legal issues with third parties (mainly due to the use of brands or services that do not support their use in that way).

In addition to this, what I feel has been my great contribution is the improvement of internal tools to make reviews faster (the review time has been reduced by 2 to 3 times compared to the classic tools) and more accurate, also adding context that will help plugin authors to solve the issues.

In addition to this (x2), I am team rep during its first year of operation 2023/2024 doing communication and management work within the team, between different teams in the community, and publicly with the community.

In addition to this (x3), I have contributed to the general email management of the team, answering all kinds of queries from plugin authors as well as attending to reports of guidelines violations by users.

In addition to this (x4), I have taken much of the knowledge gained through Mika, and I have rewritten all the internal documentation and made videos to show different situations. Although the documentation is not perfect, since there is an enormous casuistry, at least we cover the most common cases.

In addition to this (x5), I have participated in the training of new members who wanted to join the team.

Yes, as you can see, I’ve done a little bit of everything. If you have seen little of me since May 2023, this is the main reason.



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