One year on the plugin review team

Exactly one year ago, a confused young man named Francisco joined the Plugin Review Team.

That has changed a good part of my life.

In this past year:

  • I have sent 6572 emails.
  • I have made 345 commits to internal tools, creating 56 new automated checks.
  • I have approved more than 600 plugins.
  • I have dedicated more than 900 hours.

I have contributed evenings, nights, holidays and weekends. In trains, apartments, hotels, and friends’ houses.

I have participated more actively in the WordCamps contributor’s day, being part of the plugins table.

I have traveled twice to SiteGround headquarters. They are great and are helping me a lot along the way.

Besides, I had a great time around the office with Lucia.

In these months, I have woken up more than one day at 6 a.m., because between dreams I had come up with an algorithm and had to go to the computer to program and test it. When this happens to me, I feel really inspired and I cannot do anything else.

I have met and re-meet wonderful people and learned a lot. I have felt supported by the community.

WordCamp Chiclana 2024.

I never thought that a responsibility would motivate me in this way, nor did I think it would absorb me in this way.

The house has been dirty, the plants have not been watered, my social life has been affected, in the month of March I felt totally burned out.

Fortunately, I was able to handle it in time and got out and moved on. I’m not an example of anything, because I know I still neglect many things and my life is still far from normal (maybe this is a new normal?) but I’m fine, which is the important thing.

WordCamp Chiclana 2024. With Lucía Rico. Photography by Nilo Vélez.

This year I have discovered that there are people who have trusted me more than I trust myself.

Thanks to everyone with whom I have shared moments. Thanks to the community. Thanks to SiteGround because their support is essential for all this to happen and to continue happening.

Thanks to you, anonymous reader, for your interest.

And special thanks to Roberto, because he is helping me a lot professionally and personally.

Today I am finishing preparing the WordCamp Europe talk in which I will tell part of what has happened this year (although it will be less personal).

For me it is a new challenge, my first public talk in a long time and in a language I do not master.

See you soon.

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  1. This is an amazing 1 year. Thank you for working hard to make the plugin review process faster and better.

    After 9 years of reviewing WordPress themes, I know how much dedication and energy are necessary to do this job.

    I recently completed my 5K reviews too,

    1. Thank you Ganga, and thanks for your contribution to themes.
      I saw your post and loved it, when I grow up I want to reach those numbers 😀

  2. Thank you for all your hard work Francisco!!! Much appreciated!!!

  3. Hi Francisco,

    I’m glad it was a growth time and you seem to have had good experiences. Thank you very much for your contributions and for helping to keep the plugin directory going.

    1. Yes, fortunately it’s been a good experience overall. Thank you!

    2. Margarita Avatar

      When i grow up, i wanna be a bit like you 🙂 Thank you so much for your contribution and your dedication to the community!

      1. Thanks for the good vibes 😀

  4. Emilio Dominguez Avatar
    Emilio Dominguez

    Way to go, keep it up and don’t forget to exercise regularly

    1. Thanks! 😀 I’m doing some sport but I’m eager to have more time to do more sport now that the good weather is back here.

  5. Well done and thanks for your hard work in the WordPress community!

  6. Pooja Derashri Avatar
    Pooja Derashri

    Amazing! Thank you for all your hard work for the WordPress community.

    1. Thank you very much and thanks for you work in the community too!

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